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Willinga Wellness Retreats

- yoga

- meditation

- soul + body nourishment

- journaling

- nature

Our stunning yoga retreat; the pilot Willinga Wellness 2021 was held on Thursday 14 January 2021 to Sunday 17 January 2021.


Located on the picturesque south coast of NSW in Bawley Point, 3.5hrs south of Sydney and 2.5hrs north east of Canberra at Willinga Park.

The location is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, this coastal hamlet on the NSW South Coast is a haven for swimming, surfing, fishing and bushwalking. Bawley Point is tucked into a sublime stretch of coastline in the Shoalhaven region, with beautiful beaches, spectacular national parks, a winery and berry farm on its doorstep

This is a private, expansive multi purpose property (including conference facilities, a separate area for horse agistment and eventing, competition arenas) complimented by award winning architecture, stunning outdoor sculpture art, and breath taking yoga practice locations in an exceptional natural bush land environment.  The brand new luxurious free standing two bedroom pavilions are all set contained with spacious elegant interiors and uninterrupted north facing views of the surrounding natural landscape.

The Pavillions contain two bedrooms with king beds or converted two singles each bedroom with ensuite, separate lounge, kitchen and dining.

We have been extremely fortunate to be able to offer the evening prior and the evening after to any client of the retreat. Either side of the timetable will need to be self catered and no guests are allowed other than those attending the retreat.  Subject to availability.


What are the principles of this yoga retreat?


Strengthen and lengthen - deepen or begin your yoga practice in an exceptionally stunning natural environment

Evening meditation / pranayama, discussion groups on yoga philosophy

Self reflective journaling

Early mornings, deep early sleeps

Delicious, nutritious and abundant plant based food

Alcohol + caffeine free encouraged. Drug free. Non Smoking

Sustainable and environmental awareness

Covid aware

Clients are 21 years and older

Men and women welcome

No pets allowed​

Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

Prana translated in the ancient Indian Sanskrit language means "Life-Force", also known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as Chi.
Yama is translated as "Control" and Ayama as "Freedom". So Pranayama is a practice typically using our breath, to harness or liberate our energy towards reaching our truest potential and living with purpose.
Meditation is any practice that minimise distraction, steadying and cleansing the mind in order to increase our self awareness and presence in everyday life.

What type of yoga is practiced?

The dominant style is traditional Hatha; steady flow yoga.
Discover the art of being + breathing in asanas (poses) appropriate for the season in a space that allows your attention to turn inwards.
There will be a restorative, Yin Yoga practice daily, encouraging stillness with a less dynamic practice to create a beautiful, calming balance for mind, body and soul.

How much yoga experience do I need?

The retreat will have three experienced yoga instructors, so that in all practices, there will be one person instructing, and another will be assisting all levels of yoga, with covid safety awareness.

Child's Pose
Warrior Two
Warrior One
Iyengar Yoga
Yoga at Home
Yoga Class

What is wellness?

Wellness is an active process of increasing awareness of, and CHOOSING healthcare practices that are able to be realistically INTEGRATED into ones' daily routine to create a sense of balance, maintain optical energy and prevent illness.

Put simply, relax, release, restore balance


Time Out

Do I need to attend all of the sessions?


Although attending sessions will maximize your experience and

learning, each session will be unique and you will not miss the thread.

We do however feel that the quality of the session will be such that you won't

want to miss them.

There will be time to read, journal, draw, paint, meditate, walk, swim and

most importantly,  REST!

Do I need to be on time?

In fact as part of the yoga tradition and for the respect of others, we ask you to be ten minutes early to all sessions,

taking time to set up and be settled so sessions can commence at the

designated times.

Will I be asked to assist with anything?

Not at all.

This is a fully catered-for and supported retreat so that you are able to focus completely and luxuriate in your own unique experience.

No food to prepare, cooking or cleaning with regards to dining or common areas will be necessary.

Yoga Mat and Straps

What to bring?

Must Haves

What you need

Yoga mat & towel
• Water bottle
• Yoga & casual
• Walking Shoes
• Bathers & beach
• Sun cream
• Hat
• Mosquito Repellent
• Phone Charger
• Toiletries
• Medication

Yoga Mat

What to bring...

Yes, due to Covid-19 we
do require you to provide
your own mat and towel.
Blocks, bolsters, straps
etc will be provided and
cleaned to COVID safe

Forgotten something?

Local items

All food is included
however if there is special
comfort food you feel you
need, you are welcome to
bring this and store it in
your pavilion or purchased
from the local IGA.
There is also a local
pharmacy, bakery,
newsagency, pharmacy
and bottle shop.

More information

Warrior One

Is there a retreat timetable?
The amazing retreat timetable will be provided on your arrival.


2020 has made us very aware of how to socially distance.
There will be the usual check in on arrival and the ability to socially distance in very spacious accommodation environment and all equipment will be cleaned accordingly.

Your Retreat Support

There are 4 staff and 12 clients only, to maintain an intimate, non intimidating & comfortable atmosphere with maximum support and instruction.
•Dr Claudia Nicholson (Program Director, General Practitioner, Yoga Instructor & Plant-Based Chef)
•Lucy Buchanan (Yoga Instructor)
•Diane Gray (Yoga Instructor)
•Darrin Jones (Retreat Assistant)

Plant Based Meals

Vegan Burger

Believe me, it really IS delicious!

A plant-based diet is plant-based, meaning seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains, healthy cooking oils, and fats, and health boosting herbs and spices.

It is about optimizing our wellness through a nutrient dense, balanced and sustainable diet.

Plant-based food is meat and meat products free (no eggs or dairy) and seafood free.

You will definitely be satisfied!

There will be an abundance of delicious foods to support you through a happy and healthy yoga retreat with three complete meals daily and snacks in between.

What if I have a food allergy?

The chef is able to cater for allergies, as long as this is noted well in advance on the booking form.

What is Journaling?

Like yoga, journaling is an act of self study, a chance to take the practice off the mat and to learn where we are in our mind and spirit.

There will be journal prompts and exercises which you are welcome to write during the course of the retreat.

Our aim is that the discussion sessions regarding yoga philosophy will bring to life the relevance of the yogic system to your personal journey.

No one will be asked to share their responses, this is a self reflective study that aims to shed light on our own individual truths.

And of course, it is not compulsory.

Cute Notebooks

Massage Services

There are times set aside when an exceptional massage therapist will be available for private sessions.

This is an additional cost and paid directly to the service providers.

Staying Hydrated


A retreat can be an opportunity to also retreat from some of our most loved stimulants in our stressful lives and to spend some precious time turning our attention to our inner world and the search for solid ground. So although you can drink coffee, caffeinated tea and alcohol, we encourage you to let these go for the retreat to maximize your experience.  Nespresso and a variety of teas are available in each pavilion. A freshly made, warming & stimulating caffeine-free tea will also be provided prior to the first morning yoga session in the dining area.

If you are planning to retreat from these beverages, it is recommended you do this gradually over the weeks prior to the retreat.


Can I use my devices?

Yes, there is mobile reception and wifi in the rooms.

However, we do request all devices to be used only in personal pavilions and kept to a minimal use.

A retreat is about self exploration, discovery and care and this is a rare opportunity to find your own personal space.